With the epileptic power supply that Nigerians have been battling with, there is no better alternative source than free solar and wind generators.
M&M Biomedical Technology has experienced technicians with perfect understanding of the perculiarities of the different parts of our country in terms of solar illumination and wind speed. We can help you become near independent in terms of your energy needs.
We have installed many small residential and large scale solar array. We are proud to show you that wind energy is not only a dream, but is part of our source of energy at our company headquarters located at No9Sabongida Layout along Jibia road Katsina.
Solar energy is a reliable source of energy that is not likely to be affected by pipeline vondelism, not by failed transmission after wind and rare storm, and to make it even more efficient, we can connect a wind mill to make it hibrid. The simple logic in hibrid system is when sun shines the most, the wind is naturally low and when there is no sun as in night period, hamattan and rainy season, the wind is strong, it is thus logical and simple.
Talk to us and let us help you get free energy - absolutely free with no strings attached.

No more PHCN bills
No more petrol and diesel purchase
No more blackouts
No more noisy generators

Let us help you
:) Decide the night alternative energy means
:) Estimate your power consumptions and cost estimate of charging to alternative energy
:) Decide of or the best alternative energy products based on our practical and field experience
:) Get the job efficiently done at a cheaper cost in the shortest possible time
:) Troubleshoot your existing system and help you repair or upgrade it

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