To design and repair medical equipment, you need dedicated staff, reliable and innovative minds and good understanding of accuracy. Because when it comes to life, there is no room for error.
That is exactly what makes our biomedical team unique. We are proud of the services we have been offering clinics and hospitalsover the years because we carefully chose who we employ to work in this critical unit of our company.
Our biomedical team has deeppknowledge of medical gadgets as well as good connections with experts in different medical devices around the world. We have a huge database of user manuals and services manuals that will guide us in repair, and testing medical devices. Whenever we are in doubt, our expert friends are at the door steps. You can thus be confident that when we say it works - it does with accuracy.

Our services includes:
- Consultancy services to help you choose the right medical equipment for your facility or individual home use
- Configuring of new equipments including taining of staff on how to use the gadgets safely
- Troubleshooting and repair of medical devices
- Routine servicing, and maintenance of devices to make sure they work all the time - remember, medical equipment errors and break down can cause death!

For more information on how we can help you in your quest for digital healthcare - contact us on any of our hotlines and social flat form. We work 24/7 to safe guard lives.

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